Pick a Day, any One Day and Play the Game

Pick a day - double rainbowPick a day, any one day and pretend that everything that happens on that day is happening for you. Imagine that every thing is laid out perfectly, just so it appears in that exact fashion to you. When you get up and stretch your hand to grab your smartphone and start browsing news or Facebook updates, imagine that every item is arranged that way for you. Then continue doing that as you go about your routine: when you sip that morning coffee, look at its color and how the froth appears on it. When you start driving, there’s the traffic spread in front of you, and also that blaring ambulance for which you had to make way. Do you see the shape of the clouds against the afternoon sky from the window of your office? That one is for you. See the exact intensity of the computer screen as you keep typing, the specific tilt of the letter ‘k’ as it appears on your screen. How the cashier in the cafeteria carefully swipes your credit card. The salad that tastes okay but that last pine nut that does not taste so good. The stranger smiling at you in the elevator. The dashboard of your car and the dust particles scattered on it. The loud laugh of the kid from the house next door. The jokes from that late night show that you do not find funny yet laugh at. Finally, the fold of the comforter that gets stuck in the corner of your bed as you tuck yourself in, and the flickering light of your smartphone as you are about to fall asleep and vaguely wonder if you should get up and check the notifications.

Imagine that even the most routine thing is happening for you. Imagine that every sound, every sight – its shape, its shade, its duration, its texture, its intensity is tuned that way for you. You live your life and that contains lots of days, yes? Pick a day out of all these days to play this game. Maybe that is the day when you see a double-rainbow and you cannot have enough of it. Or maybe that is the day when the sky falls apart and you do not want to have any of it. You don’t know ahead of time, but it’s just a game to play – for one day, just for fun! :-)

Author: Prachi Sukhatankar

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