The Story behind This Blog

Every blog has a personality. Every blog writes a story. This one has not written its story yet, but there is a story behind starting this blog –

A couple years back, I started using the Notes section of Facebook to write a few notes and share with my Facebook friends. After a while, a few friends told me that they had read my blog. Huh? I realized they were talking about my Facebook notes. Then someone asked me “Do you have a blog that I can follow?” “No”, I said “Of course not”. I could not imagine having a blog! That would be like presenting something to everybody. Who exactly am I talking to in that case? Or more importantly, who is listening? Do I then have to feed my blog to my friends, to search engines? Do I have to follow other blogs in the hope that they will follow mine? Argh! It looked messy. Nope, I am not a blogger. I mean even my initial Facebook notes were more experimental than anything else. And I would much rather stay in my own world – whether it’s reading books, dancing, doing fun activities with my family or having conversations with my close friends.

But then the question ‘Why not?’ pokes you once in a while. Yes, you are sometimes this close-my-eyes-and-the-world-doesn’t-exist ostrich, but so what? Why not still have a blog? There is no good answer to that question. So after much poking, here we are. There is now a blog. Not only that, it is on a domain ( that I had bought a while ago and set up just for fun. There is nothing else hosted on the domain right now other than this. The domain too is waiting to write its story.

So now that there is a blog, I am going to fill it with a couple of blog-ish Facebook notes I had published and then perhaps a few other posts as they happen, if they happen. This might turn out to be ‘blogging in slow motion’. After many years have passed, there might actually be enough content to qualify this as a ‘blog’…of course that’s assuming blogging will still be in fashion then and people won’t squint their eyes and look completely lost when I say “Yes, I have a blog” :-)

Author: Prachi Sukhatankar

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