10 Ways to Get the Facebook Likes we deserve!

Facebook LikeFor all the Facebook-status-updaters who crave Likes on their Facebook status updates, here are 10 ways to get the Facebook Likes we deserve:

  1. Tag a few friends in your status update. That way, if nobody else Likes your update then at least one of the taggers will. Just make sure you don’t keep tagging the same friends.
  2. Make sure you follow the 3-hours-of-a-sports-event rule. A status update posted before/after 3 hours of a major sports event is guaranteed at least 3 Likes.
  3. All you parents, if you think you have exhausted your quota of cute kid-updates, think again. Dads have a better shot at reviving this since a kid-update posted by a dad almost always gets an extra “awww”.
  4. A day or so before you plan to post your update, go ahead and casually spread some Likes and comments on your friends’ Walls…the rule of reciprocation always works like a charm.
  5. Keep an eye on that ticker! As soon as you see your close buddies active on the ticker, jump on your Wall, post an update, cross your fingers and close your eyes.
  6. No updates on a Sunday afternoon please! This is a low activity period and you might as well save them for Monday morning (especially if the updates are about Monday morning blues!).
  7. Death of a famous person gives you 8 hours to post an RIP update. This guarantees a couple of Likes assuming you are clear on the definition of ‘famous’. Also, be clear on the definition of ‘dead’!
  8. Do not, for the love of god, Like your own update…unless of course you have managed to convince yourself that your own Like counts (No, it does not!).
  9. Sneak in a sentence or two about your update in your Facebook messages or emails or even phone calls (assuming you still talk to your friends on the phone).
  10. Finally, if you still aren’t happy with the number of Likes, then pause..and see what it is that you really want to share and with who. Then maybe you will take the time to write a long email or pick up the phone and call that old friend you have lost touch with. And then, as soon as you hang up the phone, make sure that you run back to Facebook, look that friend up and send him/her a friend request because you have just found another of your potential Likers! Yaiiy! ;-)

[– This is a Facebook note I had written and published in February, 2012. I needed some content to kick off my blog, so it’s added here.]

Author: Prachi Sukhatankar

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