Take the Time to be Grateful Or Talk Like a Pirate?

Take the time to be gratefulToday is September 21, World Gratitude Day (well, it was when I started writing this post, so go with me here). Two days back, it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I am not making this up (check it out). So days come and go, but what I found amusing was this – in any given year, the probability of me talking like a pirate would be higher than me taking the time to express gratitude. That is true. Plus there is the whole ‘it is what it is’ argument, which goes something like this – the reason I am even thinking of gratitude is because the human brain (my brain) has evolved to a point where it can do so. So then why does one have to take the time to be grateful? But here’s the thing – once you try to be definitive in that smart-a$$y way, the mind plays tricks and challenges you. It challenged me to write my very own gratitude list, and so here we are. I am going to keep the list short, but I am going to start every item with “I am grateful to…”. This is like deciding to do a 3-miler on the treadmill on the first day in the gym and then sneaking in that incline. But let’s do it. Aye, aye!

    1. I am grateful to my family and my school that I had a no-pressure childhood and had the freedom to pretty much do what I wanted to do. (Mom – if you are reading this, the list is in no particular order!)
    2. I am grateful to my wonderful spouse that my childhood trend continued to flourish in my adulthood and I generally get to do what I want to do. :-)
    3. I am grateful to my son for the hugs & kisses he showers on me, and also for the little things he does to melt my skeptical heart. Topping that list is the Mother’s Day book in which he wrote things like “my mom is pretty as a peacock” and “my mom likes to eat rice” (I am and I do!).
    4. I am grateful to my old friends for they let me rediscover old friendships. Plus how cool it is to be able to say things like “Come on, we have known each other for 20 years, you can tell me ALL your secrets!”. I am grateful to my new friends for they tell me that there is always more to explore and that fun is a never-ending phenomenon. Yay!
    5. I am grateful to people and situations who took care of me, tried to take care of me, or ever thought of taking care of me.
    6. I am grateful to the woman, who years back, while visiting our house to offer condolences, had casually stated that there was too much luxury in the house but lack of that one person (who had passed away). As much as her remarks would hurt me for years, during that time, she and several others were faces of the real, harsh world that lies hand in hand with all the rainbows and fairy tales, and I am grateful for that.
    7. I am grateful to people who have dazzled my world with their genius, their creativity and their humility. They tell me how to weave science & technology with this thing called Life, how to dream once in a while and how to spread magic.
    8. I am grateful to my body for it figures out how to recover and build enough strength so I can dance on. (P.S. it would be very neat if it continues to do that even as I dive into the more arthritic age ranges.)
    9. I am grateful to nature for it gives me a sense of rhythm. I am grateful that there is a sunrise and a sunset every day (Given that I am not an early-riser, I have hardly witnessed the sunrise part of this equation, but I am willing to go with this popular belief). That, and the leaves changing their colors, winter’s biting cold, followed by spring’s blossoms. Nature gives me stability and joy in a changing and challenging world.
    10. Finally, I am grateful to – no one in particular – but grateful that I took the time to write this blog post.

That’s it for now, people. I am not sure if this exercise has been helpful but it does feel more adventurous than trying to talk like a pirate. :-) Also funnily enough, as I write this, the list seems more like a eulogy I would write for my world – something that could be read on the day the world ends (or the day I leave this world, however you want to look at it). So I guess it’s not too out of line to say “Thank you world, we have been good together!”

Author: Prachi Sukhatankar

6 thoughts on “Take the Time to be Grateful Or Talk Like a Pirate?

  1. I completely agree with you. Thinking about it/ creating a list, makes one help understand how lucky you are… It brightens that day.

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