I Forgive You (# a photo soliloquy)

I Forgive YouFinally I reached this place – a place where I forgive you. It looks like this place is created just for me, exactly the way I need it. The glaciers kept cutting these mountains for a million years and the ocean kept penetrating the land,  just like your words that kept hurting me for so long. The water looks eerie here. It does not have waves like an ocean, it does not flow like a river. If I put my hand in, it might just stick to me and start wrapping itself around my neck. It reminds me of all those times when I struggled to forgive you. I wanted to forgive you, not because that would have made me a bigger person, not because that would have helped me, not because I cared for you, not even because I loved you. I wanted to forgive you but I could not figure out why I should do so. But here, right now, there is no need for a reason. The ice that sits atop the mountain is melting and so is my heart. The ice is turning into a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is diving straight down to tell me that there is only one thing possible at this moment and that is this – I forgive you and in turn I forgive myself.

Author: Prachi Sukhatankar

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