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Changing the wiring of my brain

18 days ago, I decided to change the wiring of my brain. No, it is not as bizarre as it sounds….

A different thing - a day

Doing one different thing a day (Week # 1)

It had been raining for a week. Not the romantic “let’s hold hands and dance” kind of rain, but “the…

Double Rainbow

Pick a Day, any One Day and Play the Game

Pick a day, any one day and pretend that everything that happens on that day is happening for you. Imagine…

Take the First Step

Take the First Step and then Do NOTHING!

Let me ask you this – those of you who go through the monotony of a daily routine, do you…

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel – Playing the Game

“There is no light at the end of the tunnel” I said to myself. I was irritated. Nothing that I…

Mother and daughter reading together

20 Tips To Help Your Kid Enjoy Reading

I made a statement the other day – “Not only am I a book lover, but I have also turned…

doonya fitness class

Bollywood Dancing and a Hug!

“Your girls are looking like princesses!” I told the mother. All of us – the two girls, the mother, a…

View from the fortress (Trogir, Croatia)

Trogir, Croatia – Thank You!

There are very few cities that live up to their touristy hype. Very few have their own music that they…