This Music Is Mine


“Neil, you are going to be late for your soccer practice!” Neil heard his mother’s voice over the music that was playing in his room. He knew from her tone that it was probably a good idea to switch the … Continue reading

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From the Tales of Dancing Peacocks


“No, no mother, I do not want to dance!” Veera shouted and threw her ankle bells on the ground. Jaya watched in horror as her daughter ran and disappeared into the thick of the jungle. Tears welled up under Jaya’s … Continue reading

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Bridges Over Three Continents


It had been six months since I landed in a university town in Illinois for my graduate studies. Following some interesting turn of events, on a particularly snowy day, I found myself on my way to Switzerland. I was going to meet … Continue reading

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Listmania – How To Do Something, Anything!

Recently I asked a bunch of my friends to provide me a “How To” topic that they would like me to answer. Sort of like those “Ask Aunt Sally” forums except this aunt would only quickly write down 10 ways … Continue reading

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Where the stars sparkled bright…

Stars sparkling

Once upon a time, in a small town far away, there lived Cindy, the mouse. Every morning, Cindy put on her gray coat and drove to work in her gray car. During winter, she wrapped a thick woolen scarf around … Continue reading

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Lily and a backyard that had mayflowers


The sun shone bright that morning. “Is it the first day of summer vacation, mumma?”, asked Lily while still in bed. “Yes, it is”, Piya replied. “That means no school, right?”, Lily felt she had to ask to make sure. “Yes, … Continue reading

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Because a trail never ends


It all started when he climbed Kilimanjaro. We hosted celebratory parties and raised our fine champagne glasses. My son even wrote a poem to congratulate his dad on this fantastic achievement. We figured that all this cheering was very apt … Continue reading

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Of Stories that I Tell Myself and Write


There is an old photograph of a little girl sitting in the middle of a cozy room. The room is empty except for books scattered from one end of the floor to another. The girl, her hair tied in neat plaits … Continue reading

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When there is nothing to do

There is nothing to do right now. I am on a planned stay-cation, probably for the first time in my adult life. My husband is out of town, my son has gone to a friend’s place for a sleepover, couple of work meetings that sneaked … Continue reading

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Changing the wiring of my brain


18 days ago, I decided to change the wiring of my brain. No, it is not as bizarre as it sounds. Or maybe it is. I had read somewhere that keeping a journal of your positive experiences allows your brain to essentially replay those, … Continue reading

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Fun Times at Elephant Nature Park

baby elephant

This blog post, written by my son, describes the two days he spent with elephants in Thailand. Thrilled to have him as a guest blogger here! :-) We went to Elephant Nature Park in Mae Taeng, Thailand, a town 90 minutes from … Continue reading

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Simple beginnings

simple beginnings

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon. The tall trees in my backyard are touching the thick canopy of a gray sky. A lone bird is flapping its wings through the clouds. I wonder if it is beginning a new journey. Give me some space … Continue reading

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The story of a little leaf

ghost on maple tree - sm

The door opened and a boy stepped out holding two small pumpkins and a ghost. He placed the pumpkins carefully outside the door. Then he climbed on the maple tree in the front yard and hung the ghost on one of its branches. … Continue reading

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My two worlds and disappearing walls

Backyard trees

It’s a Friday night again. I am done watching a movie. It must be close to midnight. Usually my Friday night movies are feel-good ones that give me a nice breather. After all a weekend full of possibilities lies ahead! But … Continue reading

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Out on the road – an evening in Spring

Maple tree

It’s a gorgeous evening in Spring. What is it about these sun rays that are filtering through the trees? They turn everything into one magnificent canvas. My son and I are riding our bicycles in front of our house. The … Continue reading

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Happy birthday…to me!

Happy birthday

It’s getting closer. The countdown is on. No, I am not talking about the arrival of Spring. Although after surviving the crazy polar vortex, it’s not too much to ask for an early sprinkle of Spring weather and some beautiful … Continue reading

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Elton John: The Sun that Rolled High through the Sapphire Sky

Elton John

Fifteen years ago, the legend called Sir Elton John was going to visit a city near our campus. We were all excited and started discussing how we would get there and to the concert. Given our official ‘poor student’ status, … Continue reading

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Doing one different thing a day (Week # 1)


It had been raining for a week. Not the romantic “let’s hold hands and dance” kind of rain, but “the government is shut down, might as well make everything gloomy” kind of rain. After one really long week, the sun … Continue reading

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Take the Time to be Grateful Or Talk Like a Pirate?


Today is September 21, World Gratitude Day (well, it was when I started writing this post, so go with me here). Two days back, it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I am not making this up (check it out). So days … Continue reading

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Here lies happiness…and a pair of high heels

Happiness and more

“Happiness is a choice”, “What’s more important than happiness?”, “I want my kids to be happy”…these and other such themes were floating quite a bit. Floating where, you ask? Well, floating in conversations, on blogs, on Facebook and even on … Continue reading

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